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Sunday, March 29, 2009

More signs of SPRING!!

Another drive on backroads yielded hidden signs of spring...
On this particular day my husband and i went on an adventure to find some streams and waterfalls....thank goodness for GPS!! We simply took to the interstate and pulled off a rural exit and just drove. We were lucky this day to find a stream along side of the road and followed it a good ways. Came across several small my husband found his spot to set up the tripod I was like a child looking around for hidden signs of spring and found these flowers. We went to get shots from under the waterfall and I noticed the moss dripping water and got this first shot. We had a lot of fun this day but the best part was when my husband AKA Indiana Jones says.."I'll just cross the stream to get to the waterfall"..Famous last words....I chose to head back up to the road and cross the bridge however I found myself ALONE on a back road in "Hicksville" and a truck stops ahead of me on the bridge and as I am looking at this truck thinking of "The Hills Have Eyes" I hear SPLASH!!! Yep my husband has fallen in the stream!!! LOL keep in mind we are still in early Spring and the water was hella cold! After that point I am not sure what happened to the "Get-Yous" but I went to help...laugh...Anyways ENJOY


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